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With decades of award winning experience and expertise, the services I offer can help my clients build stronger, higher performing teams, studios and products. I'm always happy to chat, and may be able to help in more areas than you think!


Studio Enablement

Advisory to studio management tackling growth, development and retention​.

  • Org Design

  • Career Tracks & Development

  • L&D Strategies

  • Creative Talent Acquisition

  • Brand Position

  • Building Creative Culture


Team Empowerment

Working with teams and leadership to hit aspirational targets.

  • Art/ Creative  Direction

  • New IP Development

  • Direction Evaluation

  • Product Testing

  • Individual/ Team Appraisal

  • Mentoring/ Coaching

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Executive Counsel

Analysis and strategy aimed at studio leadership to transform from the top.

  • Studio Audit  (inc. 3rd Party)

  • Studio Creative Strategy

  • Product Consultation

  • Departmental Builds (Creative Services, UX Lab, etc.)

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